Thursday, February 24, 2011


1. 1st off Sha how are you feeling today?
I'm good. I can't complain too too much.

2. Last week, what was the most enlightening thing you posted on "Monday rambles"?
I posted something about Valentine's Day last week. I was kind of just venting from the perspective of someone that didn't have a love on the supposed love day. A lot of people had comments about what they thought about Vday. Some folks get really depressed about being alone. I posted something this week about sleeping with single mothers. Check it out sometime.

3. What's has the response for the "Who I am" video been like?
People dig the video from what I read and heard. I thought it came together pretty cool. I really want to do some vids that express more of who I am (no pun intended). That one was close but I didn't get there just yet. But yea we were getting like 2k views a day without promoting it really so what can I say? Not bad.

4. What is your thoughts on record labels?
Major labels? I dont know. I dont have much of a thought about them. It's interesting how labels are signing artists and keeping it quiet so that artists can still be viewed as independent. I dont think we need labels like we used to. If you can find ways to eat without them then great. Katy Perry and Lady Gaga got dropped by majors. They dont always know what to do with artists. And as someone that avoided the indie world because I was targeting the majors, I see the difference. Get ya fans however you can.

5. How did you hook up with coast 2 coast Mixtapes?
I hooked up with Lil Fats back at the end of 2008 when I was doing a mixtape a month. We worked out a plan where I was doing a verse a week for 26 weeks with them on their tapes. Since then, Fats and I have been rocking. So when we decided to do this CD it was a no brainer.

6. What's some advice you could give to inspiring independent artists?
Indie artists should figure out what they want to say, how they want to reach people and do it. Or don't do it at all. It's not just about getting buzz, it's about knowing who you are so your buzz stays. So you can walk away, come back, be who you are and not look back. Being independent means you control your own career for the most part. It's a lot of work but it can pay off if you focus.

7. What the next move for you Sha?
I have a new deal on the table, a book deal, I'm writing for a few websites, and I'm dropping The Breakup part 2: The Proposal in March...stay tuned.,,

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